Living With A Higher Purpose

Eventually we have to come to a spiritual crossroads as we live, in order for a whole picture to develop. With a secular understanding of life there isn’t really much to hope for except all going well with this birth and some good luck. That’s not where I speak from.

To bring out the deeper meanings of yourself, and of life in general, we need to start reflecting on what really lay within us. Beyond willpower, beyond strength and masculinity, beyond our mental abilities to cognize facts and withdraw falsehoods—we have to contemplate about the bigger picture. The more I do this as a part of my daily routine, the more I am able to understand how man begins, struggles and eventually succeeds. I can’t necessarily write about it either, there is something inside that can’t be written about or expressed with grammar.

Our deeper meaning is obvious to me. We live as souls in bodies and reincarnate over and over and over again until we rise up above the lower areas of consciousness and into transcendental truths. Reality is not just what we see and feel but something that is so grand our minds are not built to cognize all of it. The more we search within, the more peace we can bring out. In other words, we don’t have to understand why we were created or at what specific point of evolution we are at. Eventually we reach contentment in life and where we are, knowing that we evolve at whatever pace we go at and just work at  it day by day.

We already know enough to move forward, all of it is in our common sense abilities of reason and logic. Once developed we can make our own calls with just a few pointers from those we love and trust. We know mistakes happen, and we know each one is a stepping stone to get to where we want to be. No one is perfect and when we do reach that eventual perfection that resides as the soul, as us, then we no longer need to be in physical bodies.

When man has been sufficiently buffeted by the world, he awakes to a desire for freedom; and searching for means of escape from the dreary round of earthly existence, he seeks knowledge, learns what he really is, and is free. After that he looks at the world as a huge machine, but takes good care to keep his fingers out of the wheels. Duty ceases for him who is free; what power can constrain the free being? He does good, because it is his nature, not because any fancied duty commands it. This does not apply to those who are still in the bondage of the senses. Only for him, who has transcended the lower self, is this freedom. He stands on his own soul, obeys no law; he is free and perfect. He has undone the old superstitions and got out of the wheel. Nature is but the mirror of our own selves. There is a limit to the working power of human beings, but no limit to desire; so we strive to get hold of the working powers of others and enjoy the fruits of their labours, escaping work ourselves. Inventing machinery to work for us can never increase well – being, for in gratifying desire, we only find it, and then we want more and more without end. Dying, still filled with ungratified desires, we have to be born again and again in the vain search for satisfaction. “Eight Millions of bodies have we had, before we reached the human”, say the Hindus. Jnana says, “Kill desire and so get rid of it”. That is the only way. Cast out all causation and realize the Atman. Only freedom can produce true morality. If there were only an endless chain of cause and effect, Nirvana could not be. It is extinction of the seeming self, bound by this chain. That is what constitutes freedom, to get beyond causality.

– Swami Vivekananda

“Only freedom can produce true morality,” says Vivekananda, and that is where all my writings have come from but unable to go that far.

How can we really become our truest potential if we don’t accept something greater out there? If all we were born for is going through challenges, embracing the suck, and helping others then that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Evolving out of childish issues, learning to communicate with others, nurturing healthy relationships and raising children is only one layer of existence. The timeline of a human’s life is long enough to really get all that down, but what is left?

The deeper truths of who we really are, and how to get in touch with that essence, is where we end up after the first layer of reality is discovered to not hold much potential. In fact, the core belief in life after death can motivate us beyond what we were normally doing to better everything else. We can finally have a reason to become our highest potential if we know that the effort involved is not in vain.

There’s no eternal hell or sin we have to worry about, just souls evolving in fleshy bodies life and life after life until anger, jealousy, resentment, violence and hurt is out of our thinking for good. This allows us to not hate those who live seemingly evil lives with an understanding that they are learning, evolving, and just going through their life to create these karmas. The law of karma is unfailing and is dependent on reincarnation to work.

Deep down within the heart there is a stillness which is healing, a trust in the universal laws which is unwavering, and a strength which is rock-like. But because it is so deep we need both patience and perseverance when digging for it.

– Paul Brunton

That’s all I really had on my mind today. In fact that’s what I have on my mind everyday. Meditation has been one of the greatest tools in my belt but it isn’t everything. We have to cultivate our character in order to control the wandering mind. We have to resolve our past so our future is harmonious. It’s a lot of work but it is why we are born.


Both the Absolute and the personal God are real; only the former is the logical prius of the latter. The soul when it rises to full attention knows itself to be related to the single universal consciousness, but when it turns outward it sees the objective universe as a manifestation of this single consciousness. The withdrawal from the world is not the conclusive end of the spiritual quest. There is a return to the world accompanied by a persistent refusal to take the world as it confronts us as final. The world has to be redeemed and it can be redeemed because it has its source in God and final refuge in God.

– Sarvepelli Radhakrishnan 


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