For Those Still Struggling in Vice

There are so many different kinds of vices out there, and there are so many different kinds of users that have their little rituals and preferences. Take yourself back to younger days and remember when using your vice was fun, remember when it was a special time of personal joy. Now what is it. What has this time become. Probably regretful and insipid. No more joy springs from our vices, no more wisdom can be extracted. It’s time we discover which category we fit into and crawl our way to salvation. Let’s talk about pornography users.

The Quick Thoughtless One Chances are you don’t have much of a logic mind built yet and reasoning doesn’t occur when you see a Google Image of some half naked bikini actress when you went looking for that Nike shoe. As soon as you see it your heart races and the clicking advances begin. Down the whole of Google madness, each click offers you a chance to “View More” in that lower right hand corner. You do for a few minutes and soon enough a Google Search for a school project turns into your latest regretful energy expenditure.


  • When you use the internet, especially Google Search and Google Images, make an affirmation to repeat to yourself. “I will stick to my project’s purpose and stay focused.” Then you may begin—remembering all the while that your focus and concentration on the subject at hand will lead you to further success if you remain one-pointed.

The Late-Night Reader You like to read before bed. This user has his cell phone as an alarm clock and has just enough energy before sleeping to read a quick post on Reddit or search the web for an interesting news article. What you secretly wanted was a quick search for beautiful women. As you surreptitiously begin searching you hope to stumble upon something naughty, “Oh, it was just there,” and then it begins.


  • No more reading before bed. Sorry, you just can’t handle your desires. A master of himself can choose to do what he wants when he wants, but you? Nope. You can’t even pick something to read. Remain focused on not reading before bed for about two weeks, then choose a publication during the light of day and have it ready as an ePub or PDF in iBooks. When you are ready to read you won’t have to go to the web.

The Planner What a good strategist you are, downloading a well thought out video for later. The Planner can hold off on his vices until the time is right and execute his immoral behavior in peace. Sure, he will go through regret and exhaustion like everyone else, but he validates his profligacy by going all out. “If I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it right.” One video turns into ten, as he attempts to watch them all in one session. The next morning he has a few left over and consumes them with an enraging licentiousness. Whoops. The chaser effect is strong, he’s already down for the count and depressed and he enters a week of binging.


  • It’s time for the Planner to realize he is really good at tactical work. He can easily gather information through research and execute his attacks with ease. Find something that isn’t a vice and approach it the same way. Once you find something that brings you joy you are going to master it. Devour books on the subject and enjoy this new, guilt free knowledge. Finding that thing is the key to your success. Willpower is there already.

The Thinker This user has sex on the mind and can visualize an erotic fantasy by just looking at a stop sign. He’s good. The mental fantasy turns to Google Images and then a video or two is in store. The mental game is so strong that his cravings manifest in the vices of a child. The different types of women, i.e. hair color, bust size, skin tone, all of it merry-go-round in his mind as he determines who to discover next. Maybe she can be shopping or maybe she will be attacked. Eventually the ramifications are endless and you go through a few weeks of ideas from that excited and passionate mind of yours. Don’t worry, the fantasy never ends and the variety grows as thousands of new stars are born every day for that Los Angeles porn shoot.


  • Your mind’s ability to visualize what you want to see is a power not everyone has. You can visualize clearer-than-reality situations that most people have to attend 3-day seminars by Tony Robbins to understand. Use it for good and you will quickly rise up. Visualize your future self as a living movie in your mind and make it happen. Instead of seeing that vice, see yourself completing your goals. That means you need goals.

You can see that in every single vice user there is a complete person with all of the weakness and attributes of the other. Where one lacks creativity he will enter into the stage of The Quick and Thoughtless One. When we get better at our vice we become The Planner, and then The Reader and then The Thinker, all the while evolving into a responsible-less person without any real contribution to our higher nature. In essence this is the young boy in today’s society. We don’t have to plow the fields early in the morning with Dad, nor is mom home and making supper with Sis. We wake up, everyone is gone to work and we find something in the freezer to microwave. School/work is decent because we don’t try that hard but we get by so no one complains. Too shy or shallow to impress anyone so we dive back in to our secluded lives never actually amounting to much.

This whole time we had the abilities of the greatest minds of history and we reversed the flow of power out of our dicks.

Great men develop themselves as The Thinker, The Planner, The Late-Night Reader, and even The Quick-Thoughtless One—but they use those abilities for good. At night they can’t stop thinking about how electricity can be utilized better, so they exhaust themselves by studying for their Masters degree. Or they have a spontaneous idea on how cars can be more fuel efficient and quickly write down their thesis. The Thinker and Planner merge into one as day become night while they sit and work, eat little and change the future.

Men become men not by succeeding, they see their downfall before it happens and turn it into a success. Use your birth-given abilities for good and the world will start to magnetize towards you. The sexy urges of the lower mind will actually disappear into exile as you support the flow of energy in the opposite direction. Go up, think higher, see yourself using life as best as you can. Find out which type of person you are and sharpen those tools, find the correct purpose of your abilities and enjoy.


*Inspired by the community at Reddit


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